Farmhouse Build Update – Nearing The Finish Line

It’s been awhile! Life has been chaotic lately and I finally have a chance to update you guys on our farmhouse build. If you missed my last update, you can read it here. It has taken MUCH longer than we thought it would and our patience has been tested to the max, lemme tell ya. We are scheduled to move in by the end of this month and we are more than ready! Here’s what’s been going on at the farmhouse…


At the beginning of December, drywall started going up and the place really started to take shape. We could see how the house was going to flow and it really brightened everything up!

Once drywall was complete, they began the brickwork on the fireplaces. I absolutely love the Old Warehouse brick we chose from Acme. It’s a tumbled brick so it has that worn, old look to it. Is it weird that I’m already thinking about how I’ll decorate for Christmas?!

The last few weeks of December were spent on cabinetry installation and that was a huge job. I didn’t think they were ever going to get it done! We tried to incorporate as much storage as possible throughout our home.

Farmhouse Build: January

Once the holidays passed, they finally painted the exterior! It was so awesome to see our WHITE farmhouse in the distance when we drove up. I’ve been dreaming of this for so many years.


The month of February brought us trim, shiplap, counter tops, kitchen sinks and we picked out our wood flooring. We went with a quartz counter top and is so beautiful! Since we’re going with an all-white kitchen, we chose counter tops with some creamy tones to warm up the space.
We had a farmhouse sink in our first home and I can’t wait to have another one! They are so spacious and durable, and perfect for bathing little ones 🙂 The smaller porcelain sink in our kitchen island actually came from an old, rotting farmhouse that sits at the back of my in-laws land. We cleaned it up and had it refinished and I’d like to think it looks as beautiful as it did in the 1920s when it was made.


The first week of March our stairs were installed and they did such a great job. I wanted a look that was simple and timeless and the guy who built them got it exactly right. I can’t wait to see them stained! Up next was interior paint, wood floors and lighting fixtures were hung. It’s safe to say March brought us some much needed progress.

This house must be done (or at least livable) by the end of April and we are living on a hope and a prayer that it actually happens. They still have to bury the septic tank, tile the bathrooms, install all plumbing fixtures, install the kitchen appliances and put down carpet in the kid’s bedrooms. Those are the big things and there are also lots of little odd and end things that have to be done.

We are so eager to feel settled. We are constantly back and forth between homes and our poor babies are running out of patience (I don’t blame them). I’ve never been so eager for summer in my life! This has been a roller coaster to tell about.


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