Farmhouse Build Update – Day 100

This weekend marked 100 days since we started this building journey, and just like everyone warned, this process has tested our patience to the max. We broke ground in August and then had the highest rain fall ON RECORD in September. Progress basically shut down and put us way behind schedule. If you missed my first update, this is where we left off.

While we were in a holding pattern, we went shopping to pick out brick for the fireplaces, some tile and the windows were delivered…makes you feel like real adult!

Moving Forward

Towards the end of October they were finally back out and working on the siding and getting the roof prepped for shingles. The wait was worth it! All of the details that started to unfold at that point were so beautiful. The crew working on our house is doing an incredible job. It’s so nice to drive up on the property and actually see a house standing! An absolute dream you guys…

farmhouse construction

Right before Halloween, they began installation on the windows and whoa. What a difference windows make! The farmland views all around our home just make my heart sing. 
Also, the roof got shingled! The lower portion over the porch is not done, because that will be metal. We also got our water well drilled!

farmhouse black roof

Keeping up with the Kids

Building a house with small kids is so tough. We try to keep them entertained when we’re at our place, but they usually just run wild and end up in the mud. Whattayagonnado? We’ve got a system down where we just keep their mud boots in the back of the car and they put them on as soon as we get there, and take them off as soon we leave.
Meeting with contractors with a baby on your hip isn’t easy, but I’m so glad we’re doing this now. Seeing them grow up here will be worth every growing pain. I mean, just look at these faces!

A Productive November

What a difference a new month can make! The rain finally started to subside, a new Superintendent was put on our job and things really started to move. It was such a relief. The progress we made in just one week was amazing to watch. The plumbing rough-in began, the HVAC was installed, ALL the siding was put up, and the most gorgeous cedar posts I’ve ever seen were installed on the front porch. They also got a few of the exterior doors installed and they are SO pretty! Even though they aren’t painted yet, I’m loving how it’s all coming together.

Up next, the brick for our fireplaces was delivered and the electricians started wiring this baby up! I’m telling ya, the sheer number of decisions you have to make when you’re building a home is stressful as all get out. 

At this point, all of the windows are installed, most of the doors are in and there’s just a few more things that need to be done before they start insulation. Here’s to hoping we finish the year strong!

white farmhouse

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