Farmhouse Build Update

It’s already been six weeks since I first told you guys about us starting the process of building our dream farmhouse! The crazy amount of rain we received in September slowed things down a bit, but we are still making great progress. Just a few days after my first post, the bulldozer was at our land clearing the pad for our house. That’s when things finally started feeling real to us!

farmhouse site


The following day, they set the forms and we got to see the completed dozer work. They also smoothed out the edges of our pond where years of erosion had caused a steep drop off. It is much safer for the kids to be around now.

farmhouse forms

farmhouse build

By day 22, the plumbing was going in and in the meantime we were working on a new entry to our property. This was our first time doing something like this and I think it turned out really nice!

Up next, the foundation was poured and we put our hand prints in the concrete right before it dried. I love this little reminder that this home is right where we belong.



After the slab had several days to dry and set up, framing began. This is where things just got so exciting for us. The first time we drove up to our property and there was an actual structure standing….talk about surreal!

Once they began framing, it felt like the house was developing at lightening speeds. Each evening we go to the build site and our jaws hit the floor. Watching a dream you’ve had for so many years unfold in front of your eyes….it’s breathtaking. The first time my parents came out to see the house, it was at this stage:

farmhouse frame

My mom bawled her eyes out she was so happy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have our families standing by, cheering us on. Their support means everything to us! The kids absolutely love coming out here too. Knox pretty much just runs wild and finds every mud puddle on the property, Presley loves to sit down and run her chubby little fingers through the sawdust like it’s sand and Jude uses the lumber scraps for building blocks. I’m glad they love this place because every bit of it is for them.

By day 56, the house was almost completely framed and the wall sheathing started going up. There are a few windows that have to be moved, but other than that the house is looking great!

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They have also started to add siding to the garage. Seeing that part up really helps you get a visual for how the house is going to look. I can’t wait for the day that it gets painted.

farmhouse siding

It’s been two months since we signed on our construction loan and I’m so happy with all the progress they have made on our house. I can only imagine what it will look like in two more months!

Thank you for coming along with us 🙂







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  1. so cool to see the process as it comes along – the house looks amazing already, can’t wait to see it when its all done 🙂 x

  2. It’s amazing to see the progress being made. What a neat thing for your kids to experience and learn about the process that goes into your new home!

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