Parades, Festivals & Friday Night Lights

There’s just so much to love about this little town of ours. We took a big leap of faith when we decided to move here a little over a year ago, and now we know it was 100% the right choice. We are still so blown away by the friendliness of people and how close-knit this community is. This is such a fun time of year around here! There’s been so much to do lately, we don’t really ever find ourselves missing the city (which I really thought we would).

Wild West Festival

Every September our town holds their Wild West Festival. This was our first time to go and we had such a great time! The festival kicks off with a parade around the town square and the kids absolutely loved it!

wild west festival parade

After the parade we went straight to the bounce houses. Knox braved the obstacle course and we were all so enthralled with cheering him on, I didn’t take a single photo.  After Knoxie crossed the finish line, we grabbed ice cream and lunch (in that order)! Presley was wore clean out after a fun-filled morning, so we headed home with happy hearts and bag full of homemade tamales.

Homecoming Parade

This year’s Homecoming Parade did not disappoint! I think the kids collected enough candy for an army! Our awesome nephews came around on the football float and when they spotted us, they jumped off and ran to give the kids the biggest hug. My heart swelled seeing these teenage boys be so sweet and genuinely happy that we were there to see them. I’m one proud aunt!

homecoming parade




Friday Night Lights!

It’s been an exciting season of football in Springtown! My nephews are both playing on Varsity this year and we love going out to watch them. They have an impressive 4-1 record so far, and we cant wait to see what all they accomplish this year. These three kiddos are their biggest fans!

We’re SO looking forward to the upcoming holidays and all the fun that follows! Jude has been talking about his Halloween costume for weeks…some days he wants to be The Flash and others it’s a Ninja Turtle. We’ll see what he lands on 🙂 We plan on visiting a pumpkin patch this month, DIYing some costumes, AND I’m going with Jude on his first school field trip! I might be more excited than he is. Here’s to October!




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